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Staying out of trouble... 

...By Staying Busy

3rd Annual Foam at the Dome

Despite excruciating heat, we kept our cool and melted the faces off of the thirsty attendees at this craft beer festival in May.

Mrs. International 2017 Gala

Talk about being an ugly duckling outta water! However the saying goes, there isn't anything as satisfying as sharing what you love to do with a group of folks visiting Charleston from so many different parts of the planet.

Peddlers Fur Good

Beginning in February, a group of Appalachian rascals decided to quash their selfish ways and contribute to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association.  Performing a series of shows throughout a two month period, Peddlers Glory was able to raise some money for a good cause AND invite some of our best and most talented friends on Boulevard Tavern's A+ stage.

Peacock Pub and Grill

We cannot say enough good things about the Peacock Pub and Grill.  Honestly, if you've been to southern West Virginia and did not take time out of your day to visit this exquisite joint then you are doing yourself a terrible disservice.  There will not be a day that we turn down the opportunity to enjoy their craft beers, delicious food, and fantastic hometown crowd!  The people of Pineville certainly enjoy the finer things in life!

Elk City Records

Digital is dead folks (unless you're streaming Peddlers Glory).  This store, located on Charleston's west side, was kind enough to welcome us in with open arms on their one year anniversary.  After our set we definitely dropped a pretty penny on their finely curated selection of vinyl gold - and you should too!

Wicked Wilderness Pub n' Parlor

It started snowing as soon as we got there, but the crowd arrived and encouraged us play until our strings broke - a costly venture.  The next day we crept back down the mountain traveling 10 mph until we got to the county line - but ski season in the mountains of West By God can only be expressed through the power of song or by experiencing it for yourself.

The Grove

Fayetteville takes its art scene just as seriously as its extreme outdoor adventures.  Filling the band and our cadre on an array of presidential inspired gastronomy, it was a wonder we could even move our fingers to play those sweet mountain sounds.  By 9 pm though, that crowd spontaneously started dancing and it was the least that we could do to keep them from wearing out their shoes.

Press Club

It can be daunting to share the Press Club stage with such talented groups, but we were energized by the vibes circulating through Huntington that night.  Not to mention the integrity of their employees and their willingness to go above and beyond for traveling artists. Big shout out to the Press Club for holding on to some of the equipment that we left behind - our songs are usually written about the opposite of being responsible!

FestivAll Art Parade After Party

FestivAll has assisted us and many other artists throughout the years.  I could probably fill an entire notebook with the opportunities that they have provided, but I'll limit to this blurb about the after party that we played last summer.  This performance stands out because of the puppy adoption that took place behind us (a hard act to follow), but it made us realize that because of FestivAll, Charleston, WV really is a town full of neighbors.

Downtown Charleston Artwalk

Do you love wine, art AND music? Well, so does a lot of other people.  Few things are better than having your neighbors join in to sing those old gospel songs while you're letting the grapes do most of the work.

Downtown Charleston Artwalk...again

Based on what I said above about Artwalk, there's probably no doubt in your mind why we would play be willing to play on those beautiful third Thursdays.  Our friends at Swiftwater like to keep it real everyday by selling local art and handicrafts.  Oh, and did I mention that it's the perfect spot to grab some craft beer and pepperoni rolls while your on Capitol Street?

123 Pleasant St

When we were invited to travel to Morgantown to play with our friends, we hardly hesitated.  Hell, half are family even showed up for that one.  It might have been our first time playing at that venue as a group, but it was indeed memorable for a number of reasons.

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